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Share your experience, newest ideas or latest technologies within the digital heritage sector! If your work is within the Northern Arctic and Periphery area, please submit a presentation proposal for the PHIVE hybrid conference, held virtually and in Reykjavik June 16th 2022.

Specific topics include:

  • Virtual reality and digital reconstructions
  • Immersive storytelling and game-based approach to heritage
  • Digital preservation, community engagement, and crowdsourcing
  • Virtual museums, virtual tours and tourism

Speakers can give virtual presentations because the whole conference will be hybrid. Proposals can be submitted here:

Final deadline is May 2nd!

More information about the PHIVE project (Promoting Heritage in Virtual Environments) can be found on this website.

Icelandic organisers of the conference:

Northern Network for digital promotion and preservation of heritage

Brief memorandum of understanding to establish a Northern network for digital promotion and preservation of heritage

The goal is to form a transnational network that would bring together knowledge institutions, heritage organisations, and SMEs to explore how digital technologies can be used to preserve and promote heritage within and beyond the NPA-area.

The geographical focus of the network is: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Island of Ireland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and the Baltic

The idea is:

  • To establish creative collaboration between members with differing capacities but share the interest in digital promotion and preservation of heritage
  • To sustain this sector in a post-COVID world.
  • To emphasis on emergent technologies such as digitisation, online galleries, virtual tours, virtual reality, and augmented reality exhibiting.
  • To promote the use of digital heritage technologies to empower communities to achieve positive outcomes with respect to social inclusion, social cohesion, wellbeing and prosperity.

Through the network we will hold seminars, create a forum, and provide access to the virtual museum framework to be used by the network members. Augmented heritage dissemination systems such as the Centre of Excellence, Virtual Time Travel framework, and online galleries will reside within a virtual museum infrastructure. These will be available through the North and connect to larger repositories such as Europeana and Zenodo.

The network will contribute to the continuous knowledge exchange platform to expand on the work the NPA-project PHIVE (Promoting Heritage in Virtual Environments) to disseminate digital heritage skills.

Next steps:

  • The PHIVE project will contact possible participants and hold meetings to form a detailed memorandum for the network.
  • At PHIVE’s final seminar in Iceland, 16th June 2022, the memorandum will be approved and a steering group for the lasting network will be established.

Approved by PHIVE steering group

For more information contact: