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International Seminar: Picasso and Applied Arts

18 November 2022 18:00
If you are curious how to digitally research and virtually reconstruct Picasso's sculptures in landscape/urban surroundings in 3D, join us during the International Seminar: Picasso and Applied Arts in Malaga. By addressing generic issues and specific cases, the aim of this seminar is to provide a more precise understanding of Pablo Picasso’s interest in serialised works and to address problems arising from the relationship between the conventional art of the museum and the applied arts today. Seminar organised in collaboration with the Fundación General de la Universidad de Málaga, led by Pepe Karmel, professor of Art History at New York University.


Partners Meeting in East Iceland

Project Partners met in Reykjavik for the final conference and then traveled to Austurland (East Iceland). After a successful conference in Reykjavik on June the 16th, Skuli Björn Gunnarsson from Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute hosted project partners from University of St. Andrew's and Timespan (Scotland), Ulster University (Northern Ireland), Mayo County Council (Ireland) and Värmland County Administrative Board (Sweden).

PHIVE Short film

PHIVE Project is concluding but, at the same time, it also marks the beginning of the Northern Heritage Network. Don't miss this short film with interviews and clips of how digital technology can promote heritage in virtual environments. Made by one of the PHIVE partners, Aurora Borealis Multimedia, with the help of other project partners and associated partners, some of them featured in the film.