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This Northern Heritage site and archive seeks to provide a resource for promoting and preserving heritage. It draws on the work of northern periphery artic program, north sea region and horizon 2020 projects. These projects include:

  • The CINE project brought together heritage organisations, digital enterprises and knowledge organisations to develop interactive maps, galleries, reconstructions and archives.
  • The ongoing STRATUS project is pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality, creating linked virtual reality tours, and collective experiences.
  • The CUPIDO project will disseminate across the North Sea Region, and will provide Workshop and VR materials for development.
  • TechSolns COVID-response technology project.
  • EU-LAC Museums project


There are several services provided by this site and archive. Click on the title or images bellow to go to the page describing those services.


The Northern Heritage website and archive has an archive system which can be accessed by the archive tab or clicking the bellow images.