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The CINE Auto Photogrammetry Service (CAPS) is a specific solution which forms part of the “Virtual Museum Infrastructure and Toolkit” and contributes to the program sustainable management of natural and cultural heritage output indicators. The CAPS supports the processing of photographs to create 3D models using structure from motion or photogrammetry.

The Live Unreal Selector system allows the user to access digital reconstructions online with other online users. The Unreal Selector system is available from here. Once the system is installed and the user has logged in they can download the reconstruction and connect to the server to interact within the reconstruction with other people.

Heritage: Digital Preservation and Promotion of Community Heritage

Digital Preservation and Promotion of Community Heritage

In this community we bring together resources that help heritage professionals and volunteers to work with digital representations of heritage. This includes:

1) Digital representations of heritage such as digital reconstructions of historic places, digital models of artefacts, spherical media of scenes.

2) Resources that build the capacity to work with heritage such as, how to guides, best practice guides and webinars.

3) Services and systems such as Virtual Museums, that build capacity of heritage organisations.

4) Surveys, white papers, standards and papers that contribute to discussion and inform our understanding of working with heritage in the digital domain.

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Heritage: Digital Preservation and Promotion of Community Heritage

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Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the Ozeum prominent position in the international museum landscape.

Our collection currently consists of more than 100,000 paintings and artworks dating from ancient times to modern period.

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